Monday 6s fixtures

Monday 6 a-side League

Any team wishing to cancel a fixture must do so 48 hours prior to kick off.

Any team cancelling within 48 hours but outwith 3 hours prior to kick off will be due the full league cost (£42).

Any team failing to show for a fixture without notifying Strikers regardless of reason or cancelling within 3 hours of the sheduled kick off time will be due to pay an entire pitch hire (£84) within 48 hours or will be withdrawn from the league program.

We would like to thank you for your co-operation in this matter which is designed to result in a more reliable playing environment.

All fixtures are subject to change - please confirm kick off times with Strikers on 01224 706007

Monday 6's
7.15PM Oldies 1 Fc Mental
Week 8 8.10PM Grasshoppers 1 Malibu
09-Sep 9.05PM AB22 Athletic 1 Benetek Fried Chicken
10PM FC Rennie 1 Wet Dream team



7.15PM Grasshoppers 1 Cska Maddog
week 9 8.10PM Benetek Fried Chicken 1 Wet Dream team
16-Sep 9.05PM Fc Mental 1 FC Rennie
10PM Malibu 1 AB22 Athletic



7.15PM Fc Mental 1 Grasshoppers
week 10 8.10PM Malibu 1 Benetek Fried Chicken
23-Sep 9.05PM AB22 Athletic 1 Wet Dream team
10PM FC Rennie 1 Cska Maddog



7.15PM AB22 Athletic 1 Cska Maddog
week 11 8.10PM Grasshoppers 1 FC Rennie
30-Sep 9.05PM Malibu 1 Wet Dream team
10PM Benetek Fried Chicken 1 Fc Mental



7.15PM Grasshoppers 1 AB22 Athletic
week 12 8.10PM Fc Mental 1 Wet Dream team
07-Oct 9.05PM FC Rennie 1 Benetek Fried Chicken
10PM Cska Maddog 1 Malibu



7.15PM FC Rennie 1 Malibu
week 13 8.10PM Cska Maddog 1 Wet Dream team
14-Oct 9.05PM Grasshoppers 1 Benetek Fried Chicken
10PM Fc Mental 1 AB22 Athletic



7.15PM FC Rennie 1 AB22 Athletic
week 14 8.10PM Cska Maddog 1 Benetek Fried Chicken
11th july 9.05PM Fc Mental 1 Malibu
10PM Grasshoppers 1 Wet Dream team