Match Play / Ladders

At Strikers you can always join one of our match play ladders..

Joining up is very easy – simply contact
or call us on 01224 706007

A copy of our standard ladder rules is available below.



  1. The Ladder will run for the duration of the months of July, august & September and will run on a play and replace format. It is free to join the Ladder.
  2. Any teams entering this ladder will be initially placed within the ladder based on their current playing experience. New teams or teams that re-enter (for example after an injury) can join the ladder at any time throughout the period but will again be placed on their assessed playing experience.
  3. This will be a Mixed Ladder. Players may have two entries per ladder with different playing partners.
  4. To be eligible for prizes in the 2023 ladder, the team must have competed in a minimum of 5 matches during the 3 month period.
  5. Prizes will be awarded for:
  • Highest ladder position.
  • Runner up position.
  • The team with most played games.


  1. A team can challenge teams up to 3 places above or 2 places below them.
  2. A challenge must be accepted within 48 hours, if not or if rejected the match will be lost.
  3. Once a challenge is made and accepted the match must be played within 14 days.
  4. Teams under challenge must complete planned/ongoing match before making their next challenge. They must wait until the day after match results are published, and the Ladder has been updated.
  5. Teams must not challenge each other in two consecutive challenges.
  6. Both teams must make reasonable adjustments to enable matches to be scheduled. Teams must offer at least 3 date/time options during the 14 days period. If the teams are still unable to agree to a date and time within the 14 days period, Strikers Ladder Admin should be informed as soon as possible. Strikers Ladder Admin will then decide whether there is a winner, or the challenge shall be cancelled.
  7. If the challenging team wins the match, they replace the losing team who are demoted one place. If the challenging team loses and they are below the position of the challenged team, then the positions of both teams do not change.

Match Play

  1. Matches to be played at Strikers Indoor Padel .
  2. The cost of the court is to be split between all the players.
  3. Matches will be best of 3 sets, or based on the score after 90 minutes. If 2 full sets have been played with the match at 1-1 then a super tie break can be used as a deciding set (a super tie break will see you play to 10 points with a 2 point advantage).
  4. The ‘Golden Point’ at deuce must be used throughout the match. (A golden point is a final tie breaker point that decides who wins the game)
  5. If a team does not complete the match due to injury, the opposing team will be deemed as winners of the match.


  1. The Padel Ladder to be administered by Strikers Indoor Padel .
  2. A specific WhatsApp Ladder group will be set up with all the contact numbers.
  3. The Strikers Administrators will update the WhatsApp Ladder groups.
  4. Teams must send the match results to the WhatsApp Ladder group as soon as possible after the match.
  5. Any doubts or questions must be sent Strikers Ladder Admin, on WhatsApp group who will respond.

How to enter

  1. All requests to join the ladder to be made through current Strikers Community WhatsApp group.
  2. Nominated pairings can be made at time of joining – otherwise single players will be paired up with players of a similar experience level.
Strikers Indoor Padel